What Does the Future Hold?

If I can devise a way to pay the expenses I'll be one step closer to relaunching. I have several ideas of how to generate revenue that will need to be tried out.

It seems that the scales are tipped against me, however. If a huge company like Pandora isn't making money, how do I go about doing it?

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help:

  • Show your support below in the chat or post on the Facebook wall.
  • Know how to code? If you know how to code (PHP, MySQL, jQuery) and are willing to donate your time and talent that would be quite helpful.
  • Do you know music? My library could use some sorting. Breaking down songs into categories, moods, etc. would be very helpful when making playlists. It would also be helpful to have all the information verified (artist, title, year, etc checked for accuracy)
  • Have advice or ideas? Send those to me (webmaster@audioprobe.net). I read and answer every email. If you don't receive an answer within a week, your message has probably been caught by the spam filter. In that case, complain on my Facebook wall.
  • Have piles of cash that you want to get rid of? Send me an email (webmaster@audioprobe.net) and we'll discuss them.

What Happened?

I stopped broadcasting on March 26, 2012. This was not an easy decision. I immensely enjoy broadcasting and miss it terribly right now. I always looked forward to coming home and choosing what music to play.

Potential Legal Issues

Using images from Last.fm may be a bad idea unless you're willing to deal with intellectual property trolls. Apparently I'm going to be sued by a third party for using an image from there... Whatever the case, I will defend myself vigorously and won't be extorted out of the $1200 the entity is demanding. With that in mind, it has become clear that I need to form an LLC and run this under that to protect my assets.

Expensive Licensing

The station had an average of 30,000 listening hours per month. Basically, a listening hour is how long an individual has listened to the stream. Let's say 10 people listened for 1 hour--that would be 10 listening hours. Unfortunately, the licensing for that is not cheap. See here for the pricing: LoudCity Plans

Network and Equipment Problems

The new streaming server looked promising at first, but things have gone downhill. Just like the last datacenter, the network regularly suffers from degradation due to DDOS attacks on other clients. This results in buffering and outages and is unacceptable. The numbers for the past few months speak for themselves. TLH has basically been halved. The only way to solve this is to move to a higher quality datacenter. Of course, this will greatly increase the cost of the server.

The studio computer is on its last legs. I thought it was toast a year ago, but somehow it's managed to hold on until now. This ancient piece of equipment needs to be replaced... I'm unable to get parts for it anymore and am relying on some equally ancient spare parts I have sitting around. I don't know how much longer it will work, and don't care to wait until it dies again to take action.


I've been overwhelmed by life for the past few months. This has resulted in several items that are unacceptable:

  • If you've been around for very long, you will remember that I promised a new site with improved functionality. That has yet to materialize.
  • You may have also noticed the same stale sweeper running over and over again. It's entirely my fault for not getting new ones made.
  • In addition to thanking donors via email, I used to go on air and thank them. I stopped doing that a while ago. Donors deserve better than that.

Poor Business Plan

The economy is tough right now and many can't spare any change. Relying on donations wasn't the best plan (especially with the problems listed above). Ad revenue was just a few cents a day since there was minimal traffic to the site. This resulted in most of the licensing and server fees coming straight out of my pocket. I'm not here to make money (although that would be nice), but rather to share my music with others, have fun, and not break the bank while doing it. The bank is broken at this point.